O&O Alpan, LLC.

Clinical Trials Unit

Center for Clinical Trials is a multidisciplinary clinical research center for both Rare Disorders and common diseases with novel therapies.  Established in 2010 as the initial building block of O&O, CFCT is dedicated to offer the best performance in clinical trials and to promote the highest ethical standards in clinical research. 

We serve a broad national geographic area for patient recruitment at our state-of-the art clinical research unit. CFCT has a fully integrated infrastructure with a translational research laboratory for the development of accompanying diagnostics and biomarkers.

As a pioneer in interventional genetics and genetic therapies, we have vast experience in early phase and proof-of-concept studies for Lysosomal Storage Disorders, specifically for Gaucher, Fabry and Pompe diseases.  Our research portfolio is quite broad encompassing Phase 1 to post marketing Phase 4 trials, and disease-specific registries. 

We have a community-partnership program that gives us the opportunity to work with the local physicians as principle investigators, offering their patients  access to novel therapies through clinical research protocols. Our extended stay unit allows studies requiring frequent monitoring and/or prolonged testing.

We have the utmost respect and gratitude for each patient who is willing to participate in one of our clinical trials.  We encourage patients with Lysosomal Diseases, severe asthma and other immune disorders, who may be eligible, to consider the possibility of enrolling in a clinical trial.  We work closely with advocacy and charity organizations to facilitate patient access to different clinical protocols.

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